Three jobs to keep on top of as a Nanny/Au Pair

Keeping on top of these 3 jobs is one way a aupair/nanny can be a great help to parents…A nanny/Au Pairs role is a busy one and so is a mum and a dads! Great Au pairs/Nannies know that sometimes the small things make all the difference to a parents day.

Job number 1: School bags emptied, cleaned and packed ready for tomorrow Coming home after a long day at work is made all the easier if you know your Au pair/nanny has organised the school gear for the next day. A good Au pair/nanny will have school bags emptied and cleaned out and kit packed and ready for the next day- every day.

Job number 2: Playroom, bathroom and kitchen bins emptied. This may seem like a silly one but it’s not nice to get home at the end of the day to an overflowing bin. Nappy bins should be regularly emptied by the Au Pair/nanny so the parents don’t always have to do it. The kitchen bin fills up fast and it’s just one less job for the parents if the Au pair/nanny takes two minutes to empty it during the day.

Job number 3: Kids laundry organised. No one likes doing the washing! A good
Au pair/nanny will keep on top of the children’s washing so parents are not having to scramble around after work looking for clean school or sports kits. Once a week have a flick through the bedroom drawers to make sure they’re tidy- and don’t forget to teach the children to use their laundry baskets!

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